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Our ultimate goal at Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids is to create a child-conscious, friendly and knowledgeable society for our children to grow up in.  We envision a society that values children as individuals in all areas of life.  To be successful in this endeavor, we have created a community online for conscious parents to connect with one another.  In addition, we also intend to have one of the most comprehensive list of resources available to parents and children in order to make conscious parenting in everyday life a reality.

As conscious parents of aware kids we believe that in order to see change in the world we need to be that change.  With that in mind, the Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids group is committed to:

honoring children, everywhere;

providing kids with a voice;

learning the lessons children can teach us;

celebrating their differences;

challenging society’s outdated way of doing things in order to better serve children’s needs.

We encourage families to parent with compassion, trust their instincts, and to live consciously.  We meet each month in a non-judgmental atmosphere to learn from each other, give support, and share information.

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